The NIEDAX GROUP – a historical overview

founders1920 February 1st: Foundation of the company Niedergesäß & Co. OHG by Alexander Niedergesäß and Fritz Axthelm.

1925 Construction of a production plant in Herzberg/Elster.

1926 Registration of the trademark "NIEDAX".

1928 The first patent for the NIEDAX spreading plug is granted.

1935 Patent issue for the NIEDAX row clip.

1944 January 30th: Berlin administration completely destroyed by bombs.

1948 Berlin blockade: Expropriation of the Herzberger production.

October 14th: Rental of the premises of the old gas works in Linz/Rhine for the construction of a new production facility.

Berlin remains headquarters, Linz/Rhine becomes branch office.

November 1st: The first payment of the rent is made in the amount of DM 150.00 (DM 0.30 per sqm).

1950 February 1st: NIEDAX company celebrates its 30th anniversary. After years economic downturn light can be seen at the end of the tunnel in postwar Germany.

1951 Expropriation of the production plant in Herzberg.

1954 Patent application approved for the NIEDAX yoke clamps with the hammer foot.

October 15th: Purchase of the old gasworks in Linz/Rhine.

1955 January 1st: The production facility in Linz/Rhine becomes an independent enterprise doing business as NIEDAX GmbH.

Niedergesäß & Co. remains an independent enterprise in Berlin.

1956 August 31st: Death of the company founder Alexander Niedergesäß.

1957 January 10th: Death of the company founder Fritz Axthelm.

1961 Purchase of the properties in Asbacher Strasse in Linz/Rhine.

1965 Move of Niedergesäß & Co. from the bomb-damaged site Düppelstraße 25 to Lauenburger Strasse 85.

Completion of the first phase of construction of NIEDAX GmbH in Asbacher Strasse, with the first profiling machine for the production of NIEDAX anchor- and DIN-rails.

1970 February 1st: NIEDAX celebrates its 50th anniversary, the development plans for the future are initiated.

1971 Purchase of property in St. Katharinen near Linz/Rhine.

1973 Onset of the NIEDAX cable tray - program.

1976 Initiation of the hot-dip galvanizing facility in St. Katharinen.

Completion of the new administrative building in Asbacher Strasse – Linz/Rhine.

1977 NIEDAX begins the construction of new manufacturing facilities for the move of the complete production to St. Katharinen.

1980 The market introduction of the NIEDAX color-equipment skirtings program made of galvanized sheet steel.

1983 Commencement of the synthetic surface coating.

1985 Expansion of the channel program with line protection ducts.

1991 Reorganization of the sales and distribution group: Niedergesäß & Co. in Berlin becomes work representation of NIEDAX GmbH& Co. KG in Linz and furthermore keeps independence.

Niedergesäß & Co. buys a former punching work in Raguhn, district Bitterfeld, as central warehouse for Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt.

1994 NIEDAX extend its administration.

Niedergesäß & Co. builds a central warehouse for the area Berlin and Brandenburg in the Brandenburg-Park, Genshagen, nearby Berlin.

1995 February 1st: the NIEDAX looks back on 75 exciting and successful years.

1996 Purchase of the Deutsche Electraplan, DEG, underfloor cable management systems, Hamburg.

1998 Purchase of an electroplating plant, NIEDAX Galvanik, Bonn.

Foundation and opening of own branch offices in Austria.

2000 Take-over of Hermann Kleinhuis Gmbh & Co. KG, electrical installation systems, Lüdenscheid.

Foundation and opening of own branch offices in USA.

management2001 Foundation and opening of own branch offices in Netherlands and France.

2002 Foundation and opening of own branch offices in Poland.

2003 Foundation and opening of own branch offices in Slovakia and Romania.

2003 KHP Products in Tralee/Ireland become the official agent & distributor for Niedax in the UK & Ireland.

2004 Take-over of RICO GmbH & Co. KG, Kirchheim/Teck.

Foundation and opening of own branch offices in Switzerland and Czechia.

2005 Introduction of the new board: Chairmen Bruno Reufels, Alexander Horn and Rolf Luthardt.

Foundation and opening of own branch offices in Belgium, Bulgaria and Spain.

2010 Take-over of EBO Systems S.A.S.,Villers-La-Montagne/France and CTS Cable Tray Systems S.A.S.,Béthune/France

2012 Niedax Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is established in Singapore.

2013  Foundation and opening of Niedax branch office in India.

2013 Set up of representative offices in Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.

2013 Foundation and opening of Niedax branch office in Australia.

2013 Acquisition of Thailand manufacturer – ACS Asia located in Rayong. ACS is now operating as Niedax (Thailand) Ltd.